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Fun Factory Edible Paper w/Pen - 24ct

Fun Factory Edible Paper w/Pen - 24ct

Part Number:82403-40598 Price $70.22
Fun Factory Edible Paper with Pen is a one of a kind creation that can bring lots of fun to sleepovers, birthday parties, spy themed kids events and more. The pad of edible paper has 24 sheets and the ink is edible candy. Kids can have fun writing notes and drawing doodles and then eating the brightly colored paper after. Each set comes on a cardboard backing enclosed in plastic, the cards can sit upright in the display box to showcase them or hang on hook displays from the peg hole on the top of the card. Kids are sure to have a fun time with the edible treat so order yours today!

  • 24 Cards With Pads and Pen
  • 1.16 Ounces Each Card
  • Write On Paper And Eat The Paper
  • 24 Sheet Pad
  • Pen Holds Edible Fruity Candy Ink

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