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Grape SnoCone Syrup
Grape SnoCone Syrup

Grape SnoCone Syrup

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Just like grape ape, our Grape SnoCone Syrup will have your customers jumping up and down with joy when they taste this delicious sugary concoction. This grape flavored additive is great for topping various types of desserts, shaved ice, icee's, snow cones and more. This mix is not concentrated and does not require mixing making it quick and easy to use. You will get approximately 96 servings per container, that's 60 - 70 flavored Sno-Kones. Combine with a gallon syrup pump to make it easy to dispense. You have the buying option of only one gallon (which we know will not be enough) and a case containing 4-gallons. Buy your selected choice of grape sno-kone syrup today.

  • Choose a 1 gallon container or a case of 4 Gallons
  • No mixing required
  • Use on Snow Cones, for Shake Flavoring or Shaved Ice
  • Approximately 96 Servings Per Container
  • Serving Size 8 Fluid Ounces
  • Serves Approximately 60 - 70 Sno-Kones Per Gallon
  • Works well with gallon syrup pump

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