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Gravity Bin 2 Gallon - 6ct
Gravity Bin 2 Gallon - 6ct

Gravity Bin 2 Gallon - 6ct

Part Number:83005-0410 Price $1,605.99
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Portion Control
This exciting Gravity Bin is a two-gallon dispenser that offers free flowing bulk products, or add an optional two and four ounce portion control feature. Loose, unwrapped edible materials such as candy, nuts, granola, cereals, and more will be kept safe in the NSF certified bin that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe for up to 130-degree heat. The clear container bin is constructed of durable poly-carbonate materials that virtually unbreakable and scratch resistant. With this style of dispensing, stock rotation ensures freshness by the first in, first out system. The overall measurement of this commercial device is 4-inches wide by 18-inches high with a depth of 11-inches and is easy to install to an existing shelf.

Adding a portion control version will help reduce waste and prevent spills. Portion control comes in handy with bulk foods especially cereals when this retail fixture is used on breakfast bars, at home and more. All a shopper has to do is pull the lever and your ounces will flow into your storage bag. Add vital information onto the glare-free label holder and announce details such as pricing, branding and other data shoppers may find appealing. Design a point of purchase that will increase your profits. Add this wholesale candy dispenser to your shopping cart today.

  • Products First In, First Out Helps With Freshness
  • Free Flowing Device Is Ideal For Selling Product By The Pound
  • Dimensions: 4"W x 18"H x 11"D
  • Capacity: 2 Gallon (8L) Is Equal To:
    • 14.1 Pounds Of Pinto Beans
    • 17.1 Pounds Of Jelly Beans
    • 6 Pounds Of Coffee Beans
  • Choose With Or Without Portion Control
  • Other Size Options Available-Simply Click On Desired Vessel
  • 3.5 Gallon Dispenser
  • 3.3 Gallon Dispenser
  • 5 Gallon Dispenser
  • NSF Certified Bins Are Also 35 Times Stronger than Cheaper Acrylics Bins
  • (First In, First Out) Stock Rotation Ensures Freshness
  • Tamper Resistant Design and Tight Lid Seal
  • Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate Construction
  • Easy To Clean and Dishwasher Safe Up To 130ºF.
  • Perfect For Any "Free-Flowing" Products
  • Multi-setting Flow Control Reduces Food Waste and Spillage
  • Glare-Free Label Holder For Food Product and Pricing Information
  • Easy To Install and Secure To Your Shelving
  • Retaining Button, or Strip For Securing Bins To Shelving
  • Download these instructions for future use: 

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