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Great Grape Gumballs - 850ct
Great Grape Gumballs - 850ct

Great Grape Gumballs - 850ct

Part Number:81704-FC1076 Price $54.94
Who doesn't love Grape Gumballs? These wonderful candy treats are one of the all time favorite flavors. Purple is a top wedding choice as well so these gumballs will go great in a candy buffet, centerpiece or favor, alone or combined with another of our popular colors. Purple is also a great color for a birthday party or even baby showers when you want something a little different than pink and blue. Create a rainbow of colored gumballs and make sure to include these purple gumballs. Grape gumballs are also an exellent choice for classic gumball machines. Order your wholesale gumballs  at Candy Concepts Inc.

  • 1 inch 
  • 25mm Diameter

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