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Green Apple Sourbelts - 6.6lbs

Green Apple Sourbelts - 6.6lbs

Part Number:83309-3000682 Price $41.40
  • Sour Green Apple Flavor
  • Excellent Addition For Any Collection
Green Apple Sourbelts are strips of green goodness with a sugar coating on the outside. Each strip is about nine inches long and less than an inch wide. Get about 50 strips per pound which is just over 300 pieces of candy. This sour fun candy would be a great addition to your candy collection. Buy yours today!

  • 6.6 Pounds Per Bag
  • Sourbelt Size: 9"L x 3/4"W
  • Approximately 50 Pieces Per Pound
  • Green Apple Flavor Candy
  • Lightly Sugar Sanded
  • Sweet & Sour Chewy Candy

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