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Gridwall Jar Display Set - 4ct
Gridwall Jar Display Set - 4ct

Gridwall Jar Display Set - 4ct

Part Number:82913-3235G Price $23.08
The Gridwall Jar Display Set is made of high impact plastic which is FDA approved. The epoxy coated steel white wire hangers wrap around the plastic jar to hold it securely on your gridwalls and panels. For merchandise that is difficult to show on shelves such as loose items that need to be held in containers, this set is perfect. Create a school supply or crafting area and exhibit pencils, markers, erasers, and all the other items which people need to stock up on. Bouncy balls, small toys, wrapped candies, and cosmetic items are just some of the many products that will shine in this gridwall panel accessory. Sold in packs of four to increase your visual displays, stock up and order as many as it takes to really knock your displays out of the park. Improve the ability for customers to see all goods through the clear jars and you are likely to also increase sales. Order yours today!

  • 4 Jar Sets
  • 5"H x 7" Diameter
  • High Impact FDA Approved Plastic
  • Epoxy Coated Steel White Wire Hangers
  • Designed to Fit Gridwall Panels and Displays

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