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Gumball Bubble Blaster - 6ct
Gumball Bubble Blaster - 6ct

Gumball Bubble Blaster - 6ct

Part Number:82403-19099 Price $22.64
Gumball Bubble Blaster is a popular and fun toy and candy combination for all ages! The gumball blaster is pleasantly and discreetly a hidden water squirt gun with a detachable gumball dispenser. Try not to upset and fool too many people with the squirt gun because what comes around goes around. This gum toy makes great birthday party favors for both boys and girl too, but make sure your party is outside. Add a little sneaky fun to your parties. Order your bubblegum blaster today.

  • 6 Count
  • 1.27 Ounces Each
  • Filled with Fruit Flavored Gumballs

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