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Gummi Sour Fruity Fries
Gummi Sour Fruity Fries

Gummi Sour Fruity Fries

Part Number:82403-40765 Price $24.30
Gummi Sour Fruity Fries are a really fun candy item to stock in your store. Each pack of fries come in their own paper fry container and are individually wrapped in clear cellophane. There are three sour flavors in the mix; lemon, apricot, and raspberry, and each comes in a different color for a fun visual mix. Held in a display box that features bright and colorful images to capture attention and create intrigue to try this sour candy. The packaging is also unique and playful and makes a great snack, goody bag filler, and an amusing gift. Order yours today!

  • 48 Packs
  • 0.55 Ounces Each Pack
  • Sour French Fries In Lemon, Apricot, and Raspberry
  • Chewy Gummies
  • Paper Fry Container In Plastic Pack
  • Individually Wrapped In Clear Cellophane

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