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Gummy Peaches Bags - 12ct
Gummy Peaches Bags - 12ct

Gummy Peaches Bags - 12ct

Part Number:82403-4337 Price $30.50
This Gummy Peaches Bag is a wonderful treat to include in the gummies you have in your store. Each peg bag is made with an easy to hang hole at the top so for any hook displays you have including countertop pegboard racks. With the versatility of being able to hang bags on hanging hook displays near registers, on pegboard walls and such behind your counters or on racks throughout your shop as well as on the side of candy racks, if yours offers side hanging hooks. This wholesale candy bag will also showcase well in display boxes on candy rack shelves, counter tops or in any impulse display bin or tub. You really can show off these chewy peach candies in a wide range of ways to increase sales. For anyone who really loves the taste of peach candies, this is sure to be a popular item. Each is about the size of a silver dollar and is packed with that delicious juicy fruit flavor. The bags are sealed so you can toss one in your bag and take it with you on a long road trip and enjoy along the way or keep on hand during work as a treat to get through stressful moments. Customers are sure to love this bagged candy so order yours today!

  • 12 Count
  • 5 Ounces Each
  • Soft And Fruity
  • Great Peach Flavor

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