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Gummy Pizza Slices - 2.2lbs
Gummy Pizza Slices - 2.2lbs

Gummy Pizza Slices - 2.2lbs

Part Number:82403-40348 Price $13.99
We have a bargain for you, check out our Gummy Pizza Slices! These delicious gummies taste just as good as the real thing and are brightly colored to attract more attention towards your bulk candy displays. Each wedge shaped piece is approximately 1.25-inches long and resembles a slice of pizza with a green colored gummy mushroom and a red tomato or chile shaped gummy on top. With 2.2 pounds of gummies, add to your clear bulk candy bins and sell by the pound or add to candy buffets and so much more. The colorful candy is a great gift ideal for those avid pizza lovers and fun for family gatherings with friend and neighbors. These gummies are gluten free, so eat up. While purchasing your gummy pizza slices, check out our other popular fun candies. Order your wholesale candy today!

  • 2.2 Pounds
  • Resembles A Slice of Pizza
  • About 1.25" Long
  • Gluten Free

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