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Gummy Rattle Snakes Bags - 12ct
Gummy Rattle Snakes Bags - 12ct

Gummy Rattle Snakes Bags - 12ct

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  • Multi-Colored Gummy Snakes
  • Great Taste With Cute Design
The Gummy Rattle Snakes Bag brings you five-ounces of snakes in gummy form. Each candy is two-toned with eyes placed at one end for an adorable "face" which adds to the appeal of this gummy snack. One of the benefits of offering gummy candy in peg bags is the versatile display options. You can hang them in your shop on any hook display you have alongside other bagged candy along the same theme. There is also the option to exhibit these twelve bags on counters, shelves and candy racks in the display box. Bright colored candy showing through the front of each peg bag, along with the colorful drawing on the front, are both perfect for catching the eye of customers walking near. Showcase these gummy shaped candies in your shop, start by ordering yours today!

  • 12 Count
  • 5 Ounces Each
  • Two-Toned Gummi Rattle Snakes
  • Flavors: Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, And Strawberry