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Gummy Treasure Hunt Peg Bags
Gummy Treasure Hunt Peg Bags

Gummy Treasure Hunt Peg Bags

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Gummy Treasure Hunt Peg Bags hold a treasure trove of goodies for kids. The outside of each bag is decorated with pirate-themed cartoons and inside are gummy versions of treasure goodies. There is a mix of candies including gummy coins, skulls, hooks, parrots, and pistols in orange, cherry, and cola flavors. What a fun addition to pirate parties, to share in the classroom when studying history or books about buccaneers, or a wonderful treat to bring home to your kids who love all things swashbuckler. Hang each peg bag full of gummy booty on hook displays in your store as well as stocking up on candy racks, whichever works best to get them showcased. Order yours today!

  • 12 Bags
  • 2.7 Ounces Each
  • Pirate Treasure Gummies
  • Pack Includes Gummy Coins, Skulls, Hooks, Parrots, and Pistols
  • Flavors Include Orange, Cherry, and Cola
  • Pirate Images On Packaging
  • Great For Pirate Themed Parties