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Hershey Gold Bar - 24ct
Hershey Gold Bar - 24ct

Hershey Gold Bar - 24ct

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  • Puzzle Pieced Look To Bar
  • Creamy Salt And Sweet Combo
The Hershey Gold Bar brings to us a new addition to the traditional chocolate bars. The gold candy bar has no chocolate instead it is a combination of sweet buttery caramelized creme with small salty pieces of peanuts and pretzels. Anyone who loves caramel or the perfect sweet and salty combination is sure to enjoy this golden bar. Be sure to put this caramelized treat near your register for shoppers to see and last minute purchase this new treat. Order yours today!

  • 24 Count
  • 1.4 Ounces Each
  • Made Of Creme That Has Been Caramelized
  • Not Quite As Sweet As Traditional Caramel
  • Mixed With Crunchy Bits Of Peanuts And Pretzel
  • Rich Taste And Great Texture
  • Salty And Sweet Flavor Combo
  • Bar is Divided By Different Sized Puzzle Pieces Sitting Both Horizontally And Vertically