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Hi-Chew Grape - 15ct
Hi-Chew Grape - 15ct

Hi-Chew Grape - 15ct

Part Number:82403-41139 Price $27.80
A fun candy unlike any other! It’s not gum, it’s not taffy, but it seems to be a cousin to both. Hi-Chew Grape is an awesome candy that you are going to quickly wonder how you ever lived without. A rectangular piece of candy comes individually wrapped in a 10 pack just like a pack of gum. With a white outer wrap and purple center, filled with mouthwatering grape flavor, this chewy grape candy is great. Available in grape, strawberry, and green apple, so choose today… get them all and customers will keep coming back for more. Buy yours now!

  • 15 Packs
  • 1.76 Ounces Each
  • 10 Pieces Per Pack

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