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Hobibox Printable Labels
Hobibox Printable Labels

Hobibox Printable Labels

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Hobibox Printable Labels are three inches by zero point six seven inches and can be used in conjunction with any inkjet or laser printer. Get twenty five perforated sheets with thirty three labels per page, a total of 825 labels to print a business logo, the price and quantity, or the name of the merchandise displayed. Organize your display bins and include a label. Attract attention and help keep yourself and your store looking organized by labeling your Hobibox bin. Add a little professional appeal by ordering yours today!

  • 25 Perforated Sheets
  • Labels Measure 3" x 0.67"
  • 25 Sheets / 33 Labels Per Sheet = 825 Labels
  • Just Print, Separate And Insert Into Your Hobibox
  • Works Well With Any Inkjet or Laser Printer
  • Have Total Control Over Your Labeling
  • Add A Business Logo
  • Be Creative And Have Fun With Labels And Design of Bins