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Honeycomb Peanuts - 15lbs
Honeycomb Peanuts - 15lbs

Honeycomb Peanuts - 15lbs

Part Number:81105-102227 Price $67.06
Old fashioned Honeycomb Peanuts look like what the name says, a peanut shell but the center is filled with real peanut butter. So all you peanut lovers, this ones for you! You will receive approximately 100 pieces of hard candy per pound upon ordering. Each delightful piece is individually wrapped for freshness and also makes it easier for sharing. Retailers display this nostalgic goody in one of our Cedar Barrel Displays to add to the authenticity. Ordering is easy simply add to your online shopping cart today!

  • 15 pounds
  • Peanut Shaped Hard Candy
  • Center Filled w/ Real Peanut Butter
  • Approx 100 pieces per pound
  • Individually Wrapped

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