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Hot Pepper Filled Licorice - 6.6lbs

Hot Pepper Filled Licorice - 6.6lbs

Part Number:82403-35087 Price $44.98
Hot Pepper Filled Licorice are designed to look like a fire truck and have a sweet, dark licorice taste with a gooey hot pepper center. Sweet on the outside that hits with the heat at the center for anyone who loves heat in their food and candy is sure to be drawn to try this. Increase your sales and profits when you stock this bulk candy in your bins and be sure to place a container of them near your registers for an impulse purchase and to introduce shoppers to the hot pepper candy. Lots will try because they are curious but while some will not do more than try, plenty will purchase the fun and unique candy. Order yours today!

  • 6.6 Pounds
  • About 91 Pieces Per Pound
  • Fire Truck Shaped Candy
  • Sweet Dark Dutch Licorice
  • Gooey Hot Pepper Cream Center

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