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Hubba Bubba Bubble Blast Peg Bag - 12ct

Hubba Bubba Bubble Blast Peg Bag - 12ct

Part Number:82403-39311 Price $28.46
The Hubba Bubba Bubble Blast Peg Bag provides you with 5.29-ounces of the much-loved bubble gum. Individually wrapped pieces come in the signature pink and have the original bubble gum flavor. Hubba Bubba is known for being made in such a way that it allows you to blow big bubbles, how much more fun can your kids have? Candy stores can easily show off this gum by hanging it on hook displays, placing on candy racks, counters, and shelves. What a great impulse item this peg candy bag will make if you locate it near your registers. Order yours today!

  • 12 Count
  • 5.29 Ounces Each
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Original Flavor

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