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IBC Rootbeer Float Barrels - 32lbs

IBC Rootbeer Float Barrels - 32lbs

Part Number:82403-29032W Price $135.52
  • Add To Your Special Occasion
  • Loved By All Ages
IBC Rootbeer Float Barrels is a combination of root beer and ice cream flavored candy. Each nostalgic piece of individually wrapped candy is approximately one inch in length. Get about 60 pieces per pound when you order your barrel shaped hard candy. Add America's favorite candy to your candy displays and watch them disappear. Purchase yours online with us today!

  • 32 Pounds
    • 4 - 8lb Bags
  • 1" Length Barrels
  • 1/2 Rootbeer Flavor & 1/2 Ice Cream Flavor
  • Approximately 60 Pieces Per Pound
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Made In The U.S.A.

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