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Jawbreaker Rings - 18ct
Jawbreaker Rings - 18ct

Jawbreaker Rings - 18ct

Part Number:82403-35728 Price $18.05
  • Non-Sticky On Your Finger
  • Gum Center Provides Treat
Jawbreaker Rings are a wonderful take on the much loved jawbreaker candy. These are available in a mix of three pearlescent colors in individual wrappers. Each candy ring has a hard jawbreaker outside with a gum center. Enjoy as you go about your day and know that your fingers won't be sticky. Fill up your candy shop shelves with lots of fun and unique candy for customers to enjoy. The more they like what you offer the more often they will come back to your shop. Candy jewelry is fun as well as delicious so order yours today!

  • 18 Count
  • 1.18 Ounces Each
  • Fruit Flavored Jawbreaker
  • Gum Center
  • On A Plastic Ring
  • Three Pearlescent Colors:
    • Pink, Blue and Black

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