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Jelly Belly Christmas Dutch Mints - 10lbs

Jelly Belly Christmas Dutch Mints - 10lbs

Part Number:82403-G4017 Coming October 2020
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Jelly Belly Christmas Dutch Mints are perfect for everyone who loves a touch of mint in their sweet treats. Take a delicious center of mint, wrap that in a coating of creamy chocolate and top off with a candy coated shell and you have a bulk candy that you are going to keep reaching for. Each mint is about half an inch in diameter and packed with just the right amount of minty freshness. An outstanding choice for your holiday candy be sure to watch profits soar with each scoopful customers purchase. Order yours today!

  • 10 Pounds
  • Delicious Chocolate Covered With Candy Shells
  • Peppermint Filling
  • Red, White and Green Color Assortment
  • About 1/2" Diameter
*All Jelly Belly Chocolate Confections are OU Kosher Dairy certified by the Orthodox Union.

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