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Juicy Drop Gum - 16ct
Juicy Drop Gum - 16ct

Juicy Drop Gum - 16ct

Part Number:81105-103189 Price $55.10
Juicy Drop Gum is a new twist on the traditional gum we all know and love. Each box contains sixteen packs of gum which each holds a 0.8-ounce sour gel dropper along with eight chunks of gum which are individually wrapped. Take the sweet gum out of the wrapper, drop the amount of sour gel you would like down the center valley in the piece of gum then pop it in your mouth for a tongue-tingling sweet and sour combination of flavor. Five great flavors to choose from are knockout punch, blue rebel, apple attack and watermelon blast. Kids will love that they can have fun with their candy and can determine just how much sour they want to have on each piece. This is a great option for kids who don't like a lot of sour they can just add a drop or two, while those who are super sour fans can add a larger amount and enjoy the pucker power. It's totally up to them. Order your wholesale gum today!

  • 16 Count
  • Each Pack Contains:
    • 8 Bubble Gum Chunks
    • A Sour Gel Dropper 
  • Flavors Include: 
    • Knock-Out Punch, Blue Rebel, Apple Attack, & Watermelon Blast

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