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Juju Coins - 30lbs

Juju Coins - 30lbs

Part Number:81105-102449 Price $79.70
Retail Price:$137.70 Savings:$58.00(42%)
JuJu Coins in bulk is the only way to go as customers snatch them up as fast as you put them out. Buy JuJu coins wholesale to up your profit margin. Your bottom line will thank you.

  • 30 pounds
  • Approximately 100 pieces per pound
  • Cherry Flavored

When it comes to candy, we like it toothy and chewy. Well-defined taste from tip to tip is most important to us. We don’t want to be cheated. What is appealing to the eye must be true to the tongue. We can testify that of Jujubes.

Jujube or jube is our candy hearthrob. Among the variety of confections, it has strict texture and form. It ranges from being hard to gummy. In between forms, this jawbreaker is nothing but fruity ushering strong cherry, lemon, lime, orange and grape. This tells us how creative we can shrink from the bulky nature of original fruits into handy nibblings but maintaining its true essence. It is a matter of finding a way.

As we progress, may we understand that there’s a big difference between problem and predicament. Handling pocket snacks are no longer a problem, although they may be a predicament. The difference between the two? The latter can be solved. A box of Jujube candy reminds us that at a point in history, 1920 to quote, man has found a way. From the lilac, violet, rose, spearmint and lemon flavors, it bred cherry and lime. Later on, other fruit blends were developed. Now, we can have a fruit atmosphere in the mouth that is long lasting.

The neat creation actually starts hard just like contemporary candies. However, it shouldn’t scare you away. Instead, change the heart and indulge the rock-like treat. They say, If I change, everything changes. We have to compromise our inclinations. Find that after giving rein to the rigid bonbon, things change. The intimidating treat turns chewy and addictive because its true make up—starch, gum, and corn syrup—make up the base of the candy. Any hard-candy of a circumstance doesn’t stay like it forever. There are doors to change and you have the key to unlock it. With anything you think needs release of true taste, make a way especially if you are convinced that you have the answer. And sure you do. It is you.
Order now your bulk of stocks and be amazed of the profit-gratifying results. But remember, the two doors of change are in your heart and mind. Unlock them and free yourself from any market struggle and witness that things [can] change and things [will] change as you take the leap of faith. Believe in yourself! 

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