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Kinder Joy Eggs - 15ct
Kinder Joy Eggs - 15ct

Kinder Joy Eggs - 15ct

Part Number:82403-933719 Price $56.58
The Kinder Joy Eggs are a really fun take on Easter eggs. Each egg is a plastic container with two sides to it. The sides are divided and sealed so that when you open it nothing falls out. Peel back the seal and on one side you will find a layer of sweet cream that has two crispy wafer bites filled with cocoa cream nestled on top. On the opposing side, you will find a spoon on the outside of the lid and once you remove the lid there is a fun toy in pieces for you to assemble. Enjoy each tasty bite of creamy goodness as you put together your toy. The kids are sure to love this treasure so be sure to include them in your egg hunt as well as tucked inside the Easter baskets you create for your kids. Order your wholesale Easter candy today!

  • 15 Eggs
  • 0.7 Ounces Each
  • Each Egg Has Two Individually Packaged Halves
  • Side One Has Sweet Creamy Layer Topped With Two Crispy Wafer Bites Filled With Cocoa Cream
  • Side Two Holds A Toy Surprise
  • There Is A Spoon Included Attached To Outside Seal Of Toy Side
  • Egg Size: 2.9"L x 2"W
  • Originally From Germany And Newly Offered In USA

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