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LED Ribbon Light - Changing Colors

LED Ribbon Light - Changing Colors

Part Number:82913-3599RGB Price $34.76
  • Flash, Fade, Chase, or Blink in Style
  • Decorate Your Store
LED ribbon lights are a fun addition to almost every display you have in your store! Purchasing a set of LED ribbon lights presents you with the opportunity to change the setting between flashing, fading, chasing, or blinking and give your customers a new experience. Ordering is easy, just click to add to your cart.

  • LED Lights generate very little heat and are safe to leave on continuously
  • 300 lights per 16 feet
  • Lights include controller to set lights to flash, fade, chase or blink
  • Indoor lights include a strong adhesive backing which installs easily
  • Plugs into AC outlets with included power plug
  • 16 ft. Long

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