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Large Assorted Unwrapped Fruit Slices - 10lbs

Large Assorted Unwrapped Fruit Slices - 10lbs

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  • Classic Candy Favorite
  • Colorful Fruit Assortment
A wonderful favorite that is sure to draw the customers in are Large Assorted Fruit Slices. Such a great childhood memory for so many and a great discovery for new generations coming into your store. Place this colorful assortment of fruit slices where all ages can easily reach and you are sure to be restocking soon! There is also a mini assortment that can go hand in hand with these for maximum impact. Such a unique candy with its soft texture and great fruit flavors. Make sure to order your fruit slice assortment today! 

  • Slice Width: 2”
  • 10 Pounds
    • Contains: Approx. 300 pieces
Flavors may include: Lemon, Lime, Orange, Cherry, Blueberry

*Color may vary from photographs. 
Manufacturing process often differs slightly with every batch*
**No refunds due to color variation**

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