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Large Gummy Hamburger - 9ct
Large Gummy Hamburger - 9ct

Large Gummy Hamburger - 9ct

Part Number:82403-38610 Price $45.75
These Large Gummy Hamburgers will have customers of every age desiring to get their hands on one. Made with 6 chewy gummy layers, each is shaped and colored to look like the layers of a hamburger, from the patty to the pickles. Each gummi burger comes with a box that resembles a fast–food container making this the perfect candy to add to your novelty display. A fruity gummi twist on a classic favorite food. Order yours today. 

  • 9 Count
  • 4.59 Ounces Each
  • Fun Gummy Layers
  • Pre Sliced Into 6 Sections
  • Comes In Individual Boxes

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