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Lemon Raspberry Fruit Chews- 6ct

Lemon Raspberry Fruit Chews- 6ct

Part Number:82403-32157 Price $25.34

  • Individually Wrapped 
  • Amazing Flavor Combination

With no additives or preservatives these Lemon Raspberry Fruit Chews are a wonderfully delicious and healthy snack. A delectable taste blend of meyers lemons and raspberries is like biting into fresh juicy fruit. Made of organic ingredients you can enjoy without any guilt. Order yours today!


  • 6 Per Box
  • 4 Ounces Per Bag
  • Flavors: Mix of Meyers lemon and raspberry
  • Organic
  • No Artificial Dyes, Nuts, GMOSs, Corn Syrup, Gluten, Wheat, Casein, Soy or Dairy

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