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Candies Featuring Licensed Characters

Some of the greatest candies you will ever eat have some of your favorite characters associated with them. Featured in fun candies like PEZ dispensers, jelly beans, and candy necklaces, you and your smaller guests will really love the designs and the familiarity they bring!
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Disney Toy Story PEZ Blister Packs - 12ct
Not for Sale
Star Wars Classic Candy Box - 6ct
Not for Sale
Radz Angry Birds - 12ct
Cars 3 Lip Pops - 12ct
Superman Sour Watermelon Tins - 18ct
Not for Sale
Shopkins Qube - 18ct
Emoticandy Tins - 18ct
Batman Spin And Grin Egg - 9ct
Coming February 2019
Hello Kitty Lucky Stars Take Out Tin  - 12ct
Not for Sale
Minions Fart Gun  - 12ct
Star Wars Lightup Saber Pop - 10ct
Not for Sale
Disney Toy Story PEZ Dispensers - 12ct
Not for Sale
Trolls Candy Fan - 12ct
WII Controller Gum Tin  - 12ct
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