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Licorice / Black Jelly Belly - 10lbs

Licorice / Black Jelly Belly - 10lbs

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The Black Licorice Jelly Bellys are at the top of the jelly bean world. Powerful and brazen, this mighty licorice flavored jelly bean is known to all. Shiny and gloss black, Licorice Jelly Bellies will bring in the profits and sales you deserve. Black jelly beans can be used for any occasion, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Bring the days of lore back in style with one of the classic flavors,with this display candy. Kids from four to ninety will be delighted to see you have colored Jelly Bellies. Get your empire started today with the king of Jelly Belly's.

Approximately 25 jelly belly in 1 ounce & approximately 400 jelly belly in 1 pound

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