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Lift Off Style Funnel Cake 8" Ring
Lift Off Style Funnel Cake 8' Ring

Lift Off Style Funnel Cake 8" Ring

Part Number:82909-95103 Price $70.52
A funnel cake ring makes perfectly shaped fried cakes. When customers see the golden cakes that come from the metal funnel cake ring they'll crave one too. The lift off ring will have profits and sales going sky high. The mold ring is essential to the business of selling Funnel Cakes. Use the funnel cake mold for ribbon styled funnel cake fryers. You simply fill the mold, cook a bit, lift off the mold ring and let the funnel cake float free. Made from stainless steel these funnel cake rings are durable and easy to clean. Buy yours today!

  • 1 Count
  • Overall Dimensions: 10" L x 9" W x 8" H
  • Overall Height: 12"
  • Important For A Good Funnel Cake Operations
  • Simply Fill The Mold, Cook A Bit, Then Lift Off Mold Ring and Let The Funnel Cake Float Free
  • Eliminates Any Batter Getting Down Onto The Elements

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