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Light & Sound Fireworks Wand
Light & Sound Fireworks Wand

Light & Sound Fireworks Wand

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Light & Sound Fireworks Wand has a base that holds candy inside and a button that when you press you can see multi-colored lights and hear firework sounds. The wand is decorated with firework images that add to the effect. What a fun toy and candy combination for everyone to enjoy. The display box is brightly decorated just like the fireworks it features to capture the attention of those who pass. Place in a high traffic area of your shop as well as on your counters for an impulse purchase item. What a fun candy treat to include in goody bags at birthday parties and the like. Order yours today!

  • 12 Wands
  • 0.53 Ounces Each
  • Candy In Handle
  • Press The Button To See Multi-Colored Lights and Set Off Fireworks Sounds