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Lindt Caramel Chocolate Sticks
Lindt Caramel Chocolate Sticks

Lindt Caramel Chocolate Sticks

Part Number:82403-953850 Price $48.41
Lindt Caramel Chocolate Sticks look great and taste better. Every stick is segmented so you can break off pieces to enjoy or share. Made of milk chocolate and filled with creamy caramel the candy bar sticks are a wonderful impulse item. Customers can purchase a single one or multiples and enjoy every last bite in the car, at home, or at work. Tuck into gift baskets and sell directly from your candy bar section as well. Lindt chocolates are well known and loved which means that sales are sure to come. Caramel bars are decadent and the golden wrappers are sure to catch the eye. Order yours today!

  • 24 Sticks
  • 1.3 Ounces Each
  • Milk Chocolate Shell
  • Caramel Filling

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