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Lip Pops Mini Selfie Bag
Lip Pops Mini Selfie Bag

Lip Pops Mini Selfie Bag

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Lip Pops Mini Selfie Bag holds lip pops which represent the animals in selfie filters. Every pop has a plastic stick which is shaped like an animal filter so place the lollipop in your mouth and look like a real-life filter. Each animal is a different flavor so the dog is blue raspberry, the bunny is watermelon, the cow is green apple, and the cat is strawberry. There are six mini pops per bag so you can have fun taking pictures with your various animal faces to share with friends. Get the bagged candies for birthday parties or slumber parties and all the kids can have fun posing with the various animal pops. Order yours today!

  • 12 Bags
  • 1.69 Ounces Per Bag
  • Lip Pops Have Plastic Lollipop Sticks With Animal Shapes
  • Mouth Shapes Include Dog, Cat, Pig, and Bunny
  • 6 Mini Pops Per Bag
  • Flavors Include Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Green Apple, and Strawberry
  • Use Your Snack For Fun Selfies

DISCLAIMER: Due to the fragile nature of this product and delivery circumstances outside of our control, we will not guarantee that lollipops will arrive unbroken. The shipping process can often cause some or many lollipops to break. We package them as carefully as possible to prevent breaking, but we will not be held responsible for any broken lollipops regardless of how many are broken. Please be aware of this policy before placing an order. Thanks for understanding!