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Low Profile Price Computing Scale

Low Profile Price Computing Scale

Part Number:82604-205 Price $329.88
Weight Capacity Size?
The Low Profile Price Computing Scale is available in a 15, 30, and 60 pounds weight capacity. This printing scale can be used for weighing candy, produce, seafood, cold cuts, cafeteria foods, restaurant foods and much more. This commercial weighing scale will provide a quick and accurate weight measurement. Printing scales are capable of programming nearly 999 product price look ups. Add the Electronic Scale Label Printer as well. Order your digital food scale today!


  • Platter: 14.6” x 10.9”
  • Height: 15.3”
  • Length-: 14.3”
  • Width: 6.4”
  • Product Weight: 17.1 lb


  • Zero, Tare, Tare Save, and Pre Pack Keys
  • VFD Displays
  • Stainless Steel Platter
  • ½ lb and ¼ lb keys, where allowed
  • 999 Programmable Price Look Ups (PLU)
  • Auto Span Adjustment
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • RS-232 C Interface
  • NTEP Approved
  • Rechargeable Battery: 6 V (3.6 Ah)
  • Battery Life approximately 200 hours, with no back light

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