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M&M White Chocolate - 24ct
M&M White Chocolate - 24ct

M&M White Chocolate - 24ct

Part Number:82403-38032 Price $34.09
  • White Chocolate Candy Bar
  • Round Out Your Candy Selections With This Addition
M&M White Chocolate are a new flavor for the popular candy that we have loved for generations. A white chocolate center with candy coating is the delicious newer flavor M&M candies are offering. We also offer crispy M&Ms and pretzel M&Ms for you to enhance your candy bar selections for patrons to try a wide range of amazing flavor combinations.  White chocolate is a sweet flavor that some prefer to milk and dark chocolate or along with those delicious chocolate choices. The more you offer to your patrons the higher your profits are sure to be and the more likely you are to have return customers. These 1.5 ounce bags are great for lunch boxes, snacks on road trip or field trips or a fun treat for birthday party grab bags guests take home. Whether you place this display box of white chocolate candies near the register for an impulse item or on your candy racks with all the rest, customers will just have to try this delicious candy treat so order yours today!

  • 24 Count
  • 1.5 Ounces Each
  • Candy Shell In Assorted Colors
  • White Chocolate Centers

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