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M&M's Mini -12.5lbs
M&M's Mini -12.5lbs

M&M's Mini -12.5lbs

Part Number:82403-MM3131 Price $112.34
M&M’s Minis deliver that much loved delicious crunchy candy shell filled with creamy milk chocolate. These mini candies are perfect for baking in cookies, brownies, and bars or add them to your favorite ice cream, soft serve, or frozen yogurt to make a yummy topping. Add texture, flavor, and color to your sundae's and treats by including this wholesale candy. The M&M candy is made from rich milk chocolate and has a rich satisfying taste that melts in your mouth making it a chocolate lovers dream. An assorted rainbow of colors will look great in your bulk bins while shoppers look for the perfect addition to their baked goods. For those who want to have a little fun, you can include these bulk candy in with candy buffets, fill up favors, or design fun centerpieces for weddings and other such events. Bring home and keep in a candy dish for snacking as well as keeping close for homemade baked treats or serving up a bowl of ice cream at home. Enjoy 5lbs of this delicious chocolate candy. Add to your cart today!
  • 12.5 Pounds
  • Approximately 1600 pieces per pound
  • Perfect For Bulk Bins

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