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Maple 12 Cube Wood Display
Maple 12 Cube Wood Display

Maple 12 Cube Wood Display

Part Number:82913-3650M Price $495.58
This Maple 12 Cube Wood Display is a wonderful organizational space to use in retail, your home, school classroom, and daycare centers. Each of the cube displays has twelve cubbies that measure 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches by 13 inches and stands 46.5 inches tall, 13.7 inches deep, and 57.5 inches wide. Set flush against any wall in your location you can take full advantage of limited floor area while having a large amount of storage area available to you. What a great way to design personalized sections for each child in your classroom or center that can store all their personal belongings, school work, and lunch containers. Retail locations can really take advantage of the twelve portions on the store fixture to showcase a wide range of products in a neat or organized way. The better customers can view the items, the higher your sales are likely to be. Order yours today!

  • Dimensions: 57.5"W x 13.7"D x 46.5"H
  • Each cube is 13.5"W x 13.5"H x 13"D
  • 12 Cubes
  • Laminate Wood

HEAVY - Truck Shipped - Surcharge Applies We Will Contact You For Shipping Costs

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