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Margarita / Green Jelly Belly - 10lbs

Margarita / Green Jelly Belly - 10lbs

Part Number:81105-300127 Price $70.47
Retail Price:$124.50 Savings:$54.03(43%)
It’s five o’clock somewhere! It can be 5 o’clock all the time with these Margarita jelly beans. Beaches, the sun, and relaxation are what the tangy sweet green Jelly Bellies will have you enjoying. Watch your profits and sales increase with this colorful candy. Festivities are made more memorable and celebrations will be extraordinary when you have wholesale colored candy available for your buyers. Customers will love having the margarita flavored jelly beans available to them at any time. Move your business on up to "Margarita-ville" with your purchase of this display candy.

Approximately 25 jelly belly in 1 ounce & approximately 400 jelly belly in 1 pound

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