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Metal Magnetic Plate For Pegboard - 2ct
Metal Magnetic Plate For Pegboard - 2ct

Metal Magnetic Plate For Pegboard - 2ct

Part Number:81107-9009 Price $39.00
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The Metal Magnetic Plate For Pegboard comes in two different sizes you can add to your existing pegboard displays to showcase and sell various types of magnets. The first size option is our landscape style board that measures 15.75-inches long with a height of 13.75-inches and fits boards that are at least 16-inches wide, which means it is wider than tall in appearance and size. Our second choice is 12.75-inches long by 18.75-inches high and fits perfectly on boards that are 13-inches wide. This is our portrait style attachment meaning it is higher than wide in size and appearance. These metal boards are 100% metal, comes with a silver finish and features four plastic screws to attach this accessory plate to your peg board fixture. Once you attach your metal plates to your fixture, the plastic screws are not reusable if you decide to remove it. This product is ideal when used in gift shops, souvenir stores, convenience stores and so many more businesses. Showcase impulse materials in your store with grace and finesse. Save the space on your fridge for family photos at home and purchase our two-count metal magnetic plates today while shopping online now!

  • 2 Count Boards
  • Two Sizes Options Available:
    • Overall Dimensions: 15.75" L x 13.75" H - Landscape Style
    • Overall Dimensions: 12.75" L x 18.75" H - Portrait Style
  • Constructed Of Metal Materials
  • Includes 4 Plastic Screws (Not Reusable)
  • Silver Colored Finish
  • Ideal Size For Pegboards 16" Wide & 13" Wide
  • Mount The Metal Plate Onto Your Pegboard With The Plastic Screws
  • Great Fixture Addition For Souvenir Shops, Gift Stores, Retail Stores and More

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