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Milky Way Bar - 36ct
Milky Way Bar - 36ct

Milky Way Bar - 36ct

Part Number:82403-28497 Price $56.09
The Milky Way Bar was first created in 1923 and named after a popular malt milkshake. With chocolate malt nougat, topped with caramel that’s coated with delightful chocolate, the milky way chocolate bar is a top favorite candy bar. Milky way is a long loved and cherished treat for so many generations and there is a great reason why - They are a tasty mix of flavors that melt in your mouth. If you want to have a truly great selection of candy bars available to your customers you have to have the classics. Milky way is one of the must haves for your display. Make sure to order yours today!
  • 36 Count
  • 1.84 Ounces

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