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Mini Candy Canes 240ct Box
Mini Candy Canes 240ct Box

Mini Candy Canes 240ct Box

Part Number:82403-23706 Price $43.30
This Mini Candy Canes Box holds 240 small candy canes that are each individually wrapped in cellophane. Christmas and candy canes go hand in hand so there will always be customers looking for the traditional candy. These small Christmas candies are as nice to look at as they are delicious. The tiny size and clear wrappings make these perfect for attaching to gifts of any size to make them a bit more festive. The peppermints are the ideal size for including in mugs of tea or cocoa and this box is a fantastic option for placing in school classrooms for snacks during the holiday season. Order yours today!

  • 1 Box Holding 240 Mini Candy Canes
  • 36 Ounces Each Box
  • Traditional Peppermint Flavor
  • Holiday Themed Decorations On Box
  • Individually Wrapped Candy Canes
  • Cellophane Wrappers

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