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Mini S'mores Gift Boxes

Mini S'mores Gift Boxes

Part Number:82403-41486 Coming October 2020
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Mini S'mores Gift Boxes hold 8 ounces of delicious bite-sized versions of the popular campfire treat. Now you can give this decadent creation to friends and family as a tasty gift this holiday season. A fluffy marshmallow is placed on top of a crunchy graham cracker and then coated with creamy milk chocolate in stylish packaging. No gift wrap needed to share this seasonal chocolate candy and what an ideal seasonal candy for gift baskets. Place on your counters for impulse sales include in with holiday candies or line candy racks with other gift boxed items. Delicious out of the box or you can heat them up a bit in the microwave for the melty, gooey experience we know and love. Be sure to order your s'mores today!

  • 12 Boxes
  • 8 Ounces Each
  • Bite Sized S'mores
  • Mini Graham Crackers and Marshmallows Coated In Chocolate
  • Great Packaging

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