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Mint Brownie Bars
Mint Brownie Bars

Mint Brownie Bars

Part Number:82403-933261 Price $71.83
Mint Brownie Bars are truly a decadent treat to enjoy or share. Each of the 2.8 ounce bars starts with dark chocolate, adds in some crispy brownie bites, and then finishes it all off with frosted mint gems on top. What a great flavor combination when it hits your tongue. With such a rich flavor this is not only a great snack, but you can mix pieces in with your cocoa for an amazing cup of the hot chocolate drink. This candy bar can also be chopped and mixed with cakes, cupcakes, cookies and used as an ice cream topper. With so many creative uses for your shopper to use, be sure to showcase the display box where it can clearly be seen. Order yours today!

  • 12 Bars
  • 2.8 Ounces Each Bar
  • Crispy Brownie Bites In Dark Chocolate
  • Topped With Frosted Mint Gems
  • Also Available In Mini Size

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