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Nacho Grande Special

Nacho Grande Special

Part Number:82909-K95330 Price $534.68
  • Great Starter Kit
  • Boost Sales In Your Snack Bar
  • Ideal For Impulse Buying
This Nacho Grande Special is an awesome starter for you nacho needs. Keep your cheese warm and your products all together in this space saving unit. The nacho chip merchandiser is special designed to warm and showcase your products in this all in one space saving unit. The nacho special comes with two cases of great tasting cheese packs and two cases of crispy fresh nachos. Nacho supplies are a great way to boost profits and sales. Place your order today!

  • Cheese Cup Warmer
    • Weighs 100 pounds
  • TWO cases of portion pack cheese 
    • 48 3.5 oz. cheese cups per case.
    • Weighs 12 pounds
  • TWO cases of portion pack chips.
    • 48 3 oz. bags per case
    • Weighs 28 pounds

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