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Nacho Trays 5”x  6" - 500ct
Nacho Trays 5”x 6' - 500ct

Nacho Trays 5”x 6" - 500ct

Part Number:81204-53021 Price $76.32
The two compartment tray for nachos is exactly what you and your customers need for carrying those golden nachos and cheese. These nacho trays hold a serious helping of nacho chips and three ounces of cheese sauce. When customers see your nachos in these plastic nacho trays going by they’ll go running to your counter for the irresistible snack.

Nachos and cheese are one of our all-time favorite snacks when people are out and about. Bring higher profits and sales of your concession food when acquiring this nachos plate to serve to your customers. Don’t delay come and get your nachos tray today!

This vacuum formed 5” x 6” Nacho Tray has two compartments.
  • The cheese compartment holds 3 ounces of cheese
  • The chip compartment holds approximately 30 round tortillas

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