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Nerds Gumballs - 850ct
Nerds Gumballs - 850ct

Nerds Gumballs - 850ct

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Here is a fun twist on the gumball! Nerd Gumballs are candy and gum all in one, bite into one of these 1-inch gumballs and you'll find the crunchy surprise of nerds candy waiting inside. These assorted gumballs include 5 flavors; Orange, cherry, grape, lemon and lime with assorted fruit Nerds candy in the center of each. Make sure and order your bulk gumballs today and watch them fly out the door! 

  • 850 Count
  • Size: 1 Inch (25mm) Diameter
  • Colors: Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Red
  • Flavors Included: Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grape, Cherry

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