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Nestle Mirage Bars - 36ct

Nestle Mirage Bars - 36ct

Part Number:82403-32843 Price $71.26
  • Light and Refreshing Chocolate Treat
  • Delightfully Unique Bar
Nestle Mirage Bars are a nice thick appetizing milk chocolate candy bar with a trapezoid shape. Inside each of these delicious bars are lots of bubbles to create that light airy feel but don't worry, they don't remove any of that decadent flavor. Placed inside a yellow wrapper these chocolate bars will catch the attention of those who pass. The mirage bar has been a popular Canadian candy bar for quite some time and now has become one of America's favorite indulgences. Order yours today.

  • 36 Count
  • 1.45 Ounce
  • Milk chocolate candy bar with a bubbly center

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