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No Salt Tropical Blend - 20lbs

No Salt Tropical Blend - 20lbs

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Retail Price:$167.40 Savings:$93.02(56%)
This Tropical Blend snack mix is perfect for a party with it's tempting combination of dried fruits and various nuts from the exotic taste of dried papaya to the nutty goodness of almonds and the refreshing flavor of yogurt. Perfect and healthy combination for your summertime snacks and picnics. Displays well in clear bulk displays in your grocery facilities with the bright refreshing colors of the included ingredients.

  • 20 Pounds
  • MSG Free
  • Includes:
    • Roasted Blanched Peanuts
    • Roasted Sunflower Seeds
    • Roasted Almonds
    • Raisins
    • Yogurt Raisins
    • Yogurt Peanuts
    • Diced Papaya
    • Diced Pineapple
    • Diced Dates
    • Banana Chips

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