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Nostalgic Novelty Candy

We all have memories! Some memories are of places we visited, or people, or pets, but we ALL have one memory in common: CANDY! Remember going to the candy store and shopping for some of the same novelty candy we offer here at Candy Concepts Inc.
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Yardstick Gum - 48ct
Peanut Brittle - 5lbs
Candy Necklace - 48ct
Average Rating(1)
Wax Bottles 8 Pack  - 12ct
Average Rating(2)
Satellite Wafers  - 12ct
Pixy Sticks - 2500ct
Average Rating(1)
Pixy Sticks - 85ct
Average Rating(1)
Mega Candy Buttons - 24ct
Average Rating(2)
Wax Mustache - 24ct
Gold Mine Gum - 24ct
Fun Dip - 48ct
Average Rating(2)
Candy Buttons - Wrapped - 24ct
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